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Thierry Mugler Menswear FW 2011/2012 - by Nicola Formicetti

Something big happened last year with the brand Thierry Mugler. Lady Gagas private stylist and best friend, Nicola Formichetti, became the new Creative Director for the brand in September last year. Nicola, which is one of my favourite stylist (not only because he's LGs stylist and that I love and admire that beauty) because of his sense of style, his thinking, his possesion of avant-gardism etc.

Nicola Formichetti is not only CD for Thierry Mugler and LGs stylist, he has worked a lot for magazines and several brands such as Alexander McQueen. He is also Fashion Director for Vogue Hommes Japan. He's such a worker and he does it really good and artistic and that is one reason of many I admire that guy.

However, Nicola showed his first collection yesterday in Paris, during the first day of Paris Fashion Week FW 2011 Menswear.

Thierry Mugler has always been about something abnormal, strange but at the same time wearable. Almost avant-garde, and for those of you who has followed me, knows that I love when it's really creative, provocative and avant-garde.

Nicola has designed a very dark colored collection with some influences of orange, blue, white, khaki, beige and grey in it. He has used a lot of detailing such as the zippers on the jackets, the edge cutting on the tops making them seem like two pieces and creates an illusion of layering (and in case someone has forgotten, I'm all into layering, and especielly when it comes to black on black), the mixing of fabrics and material that creates different types of shapes and pattern on the coats and jackets.

Nicola's man is this young edgy man, not afraid of showing who he is to people on the street. He desses often in his own way, very alternative, but still sofisticated. He wants to make a statement and the same time show his personality through his clothes.

I loved the trousers with the leather details on and the oversized jackets. I also liked the shoes, but I was not so quite into the screaming orange suit that came down the runway. I HATED the plastic blue coat(?) raincoat(?) whatever. I thought it was just to much, but that's what Thierry Mugler is all about sometimes.

This collection was raw, edgy and very dark. Nicola created a beautiful first collection, but now comes the RTW for women, so I hope we'll see some damn strong pieces on the catwalk of Thierry Mugler in Paris, during PFW in the early of March.

Something interesting about the final walkthrough was the Gaga soundtrack that was playing. It's not just a remix, it's a remix of her new song "Born This Way"!!! She sang in german what I could understand and I was speechless. It was adoreable, but not surprising (because of the collaboration Gaga-Formichetti).

Thierry Mugler Menswear FW 2011/2012 - By Nicola Formichetti

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