söndag 30 januari 2011

Stockholm Fashion Week

Stockholm Fashion Week starts tomorrow and I'm so excited. There are a lot of Swedish and Scandinavien brands, such as Whyred, Boomerang, Ida Sjöstedt, DAGMAR and Filippa K, showing their AW 2011 collection during these three days in Stockholm and it's such an opportunity for them to show up at fashionweek.

Personally I love Swedish brands for their minimalistic and sort of elegant style. It's not a lot of detailing like Milan and Paris but still it's trendy. Perhaps it can sometimes become boring. A lot of Swedish people are aware of what they put on and how they dress, I almost think Swedish people are one of the best dressed people around the world.

However, SFW is coming up and it's my duty to inform you guys about what's happening in the fashion world here in Sweden. We're starting up with Ida Sjöstedt tomorrow morning.

See you soon!

måndag 24 januari 2011

John Galliano Menswear FW 2011/2012

I love watching John Galliano's fashion shows because of the creativity he really puts into the clothes. He always tells a story (like many other fashion shows as well, but he somehow makes it better than others). It really don't depend if he's designing for men or females, it's always extremely, big and creative. I don't know if it's because of Galliano's craziness or something else, but I enjoy watching it and taking in every single detail he puts on.

Galliano's menswear really looks like a fall/winter collection. There is this Russian man with very warm clothing who is emigrating from Russia. He's taking all he owns with him in big trunks. He is wearing enourmous big fur hats, massive coats to survive the russian cold winter, with socks and boots. This man looks cheap and poor, but he is extremely concious about what he is wearing, he is the Russian dandy. Every detail is carefully organized, he is fashionable and has a strong personality.

During his emigration (he is emigrating to warmer countries) he becames more sofisticated and androgynous with his hair growing and cut like a maleversion of Anna Wintours bob (ofc little bit shorter) and with structured and unstructured coats. Not only does he wear slimfit pantsuits, but he also wears feminine scarfs in different colors. This man emigrates more and more to warmer latitudes where his clothing is becoming more and more naked. He now travels with tightly body stockings with a lot of layering such as leg warmers and leggings. You can see on his chest that even thought he's poorly dressed, he is sweating.

The last part of his emigration, he's is walking in the rich countries of the middle east, where he's turning into some bohemic man with a lot of gold, bright colors such as purple and orange and he's also wearing turbans in various colors. The winered velvet jacket with the wide belt is one of my favourite piece in his collection. This man has made an impressive migration. He began his emigration like a Russian man and ended up looking like Aladin.

Do I have to say that I admire John Galliano's piece of work - I don't think so. I love his design, his creative mind and he as a person. It's obviously that some of these pieces will not work in the daily life, but in the end, it's always about telling a story and be so creative you can be. It's called the art of clothes. Clothes expresses more than just material, shape and color. It expresses a person with a story to tell. That's why I love provocative and creative designer's such as Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, John Galliano, etc etc. It's fashion baby, whether you like it or not.

John Galliano - FW 2011/2012 - Menswear PFW

torsdag 20 januari 2011

Thierry Mugler Menswear FW 2011/2012 - by Nicola Formicetti

Something big happened last year with the brand Thierry Mugler. Lady Gagas private stylist and best friend, Nicola Formichetti, became the new Creative Director for the brand in September last year. Nicola, which is one of my favourite stylist (not only because he's LGs stylist and that I love and admire that beauty) because of his sense of style, his thinking, his possesion of avant-gardism etc.

Nicola Formichetti is not only CD for Thierry Mugler and LGs stylist, he has worked a lot for magazines and several brands such as Alexander McQueen. He is also Fashion Director for Vogue Hommes Japan. He's such a worker and he does it really good and artistic and that is one reason of many I admire that guy.

However, Nicola showed his first collection yesterday in Paris, during the first day of Paris Fashion Week FW 2011 Menswear.

Thierry Mugler has always been about something abnormal, strange but at the same time wearable. Almost avant-garde, and for those of you who has followed me, knows that I love when it's really creative, provocative and avant-garde.

Nicola has designed a very dark colored collection with some influences of orange, blue, white, khaki, beige and grey in it. He has used a lot of detailing such as the zippers on the jackets, the edge cutting on the tops making them seem like two pieces and creates an illusion of layering (and in case someone has forgotten, I'm all into layering, and especielly when it comes to black on black), the mixing of fabrics and material that creates different types of shapes and pattern on the coats and jackets.

Nicola's man is this young edgy man, not afraid of showing who he is to people on the street. He desses often in his own way, very alternative, but still sofisticated. He wants to make a statement and the same time show his personality through his clothes.

I loved the trousers with the leather details on and the oversized jackets. I also liked the shoes, but I was not so quite into the screaming orange suit that came down the runway. I HATED the plastic blue coat(?) raincoat(?) whatever. I thought it was just to much, but that's what Thierry Mugler is all about sometimes.

This collection was raw, edgy and very dark. Nicola created a beautiful first collection, but now comes the RTW for women, so I hope we'll see some damn strong pieces on the catwalk of Thierry Mugler in Paris, during PFW in the early of March.

Something interesting about the final walkthrough was the Gaga soundtrack that was playing. It's not just a remix, it's a remix of her new song "Born This Way"!!! She sang in german what I could understand and I was speechless. It was adoreable, but not surprising (because of the collaboration Gaga-Formichetti).

Thierry Mugler Menswear FW 2011/2012 - By Nicola Formichetti

söndag 16 januari 2011

Burberry Prorsum Menswear FW 2011/2012

Burberry Prorsum Menswear FW 2011/2012 - MilanFashionWeek

It's already fashionmonths, and it's insane how fast it goes, it's like MilanFashionWeek Menswear DAY TWO already!

Well well well, Christopher Bailey is still growing in my eyes. Bailey showed his Burberry Prorsum menswear collection during day one in Milan (yesterday) and we can thank god that no one of the models fell during the show ... but yeah right, they were wearing flats all of them this time.

What's Burberry Prorsum menswear FW 2011/2012 all about? For me it was about colorblocking, especially when I think of the duffle coats, peacoats and the jackets that were shown yesterday. The models came down the runway wearing red, navy green, navy blue, just ordinary blue and orange coats. There was duffle coats, peacoats, double breasted coats, coats with caps ... some of them were body-shaped and the others were not shaped at all ... but all of them had very simple silhouettes.

However, the show went on and the models showed some hideous coats made of plastic (read: garbage) material. I was like, ok the show started good and then this came? What the hell Bailey? What went wrong? Ok, lets face it, the coats were awful ... but there was just two of them, so it was ok. Then the models came down the runway wearing base-colored coats, some of them were detailed with fur and some of the them with leather. Some had both these details in it and I really loved these coats. They were beautifully cut and detailed. There was a black peacoat with black leather details on the top of the coat, OMG, I want that coat so badly I could almost jump into my screen and steal it from the runway.

After like 8 minutes of coats - bags - trousers - shoes, you want to see more of what to wear on the top, under the coat. That was something disappointing about the collection. Christopher Bailey had designed a lot of coats, bags (some of them looked the same), trousers (very ordinary thought) and shoes, but forgotten to show some topwear. But finally, after 8 minutes of waiting one knitted sweater with fur details came down the runway and then again duffles and peacoats in beige and black detailed with dalmatian look-a-like fur.

I was not into the shoes so much, but the bags, I really loved the brown leather, kind of vintage, bags. It would suit me perfectly. So, Bailey, if you read this, send me one please!

Burberry Prorsum are always over the top, it's livestreamed, a lot of well-known faces and icons. Of course Christopher Bailey wants a grand finale. That was one the most amazing ends I have seen. The models came down the runway in their latest outfits wearing a raincoat over it and then ... the rain started to pour down the runway ... it was amazing ... and I really enjoyed it.

måndag 10 januari 2011

Emanuell Alt - The New Editor-In-Chief

The head of Condé Nast revealed three days ago that it's Emanuell Alt that will take over Carine Roitfeld as Editor-in-chief for French Vogue. Carine Roitfeld's name will for the last time (can't say ever) be featured at the masthead of French Vogue in March. Then we will see Emanuell Alt named as Editor-in-chief.

I don't actually know what to say. I knew it would be Emanuell Alt after all. She has worked beside Carine Roitfeld in ten years at French Vogue, so it wasn't a surprise and honestly I think she's the perfect person to get the leading position of all candidates. She's a professional and hard working woman ... and she's ultra gorgeous from what I've seen her wear.

She is so CHIC!

måndag 3 januari 2011

"Les filles en Vogue" - A Model Documentary

"Les filles en Vogue" is a model documentary. The documentary follows young models such as Sesile Lopez, Natasha Poly, Freja Beha Erichsen, Karlie Kloss, Constance Jablonski and Sascha Pivovarova in their hectic model lives in Paris during the shows.

This documentary is a big yes yes for the fashion people, who wants to know how it's to live as a well-known model and travel the world doing various shows. It will open your eyes a little bit and tell you that the model life isn't always glamour and champagne. But of course, these young women are living the dream for many other young women.

Just sacrifice some minutes in your life and enjoy this documentary.

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Karl is always Karl - he's going bigger than big, he's going history and he's going details. This Pre-Fall 2011 collection is inspired by the Byzantine world and André le Nôtre's Versailles gardens.

When the Pre-Fall collections, one by one is shown, Chanel is the one you always look forward to. It's true inspiration and it's like you are in heaven. Karl did not just great this time; he created a beautiful collection with a lot of detailing. I truly love this collection. It’s something unique, but still not avant-garde, costumey or just tacky.

Sure, there is a lot of going on, on the pieces, but still it’s cut beautifully and the detailing is impeccable. The craftsmanship in this collection is adorable. Like always when it comes to Karl. But of course, who else deserved Coco’s place if not Karl?

Opening his show with coats in black and navy blue with details in gold gives us that this collection is more than fall/winter, it’s about a strong woman. The color pallet is strong with navy blue and green, and then there is dark red, gold, black, white, the shapes are dominated by a masculine touch and then the hair is big and the make-up is light with an orange line over the eyes to mark the eyes a little bit.

Chanel is quite expensive, and personally I think that this collection looks more expensive than ever. It looks like the models are wearing clothes you can’t afford even if you are Bill Gates and for me that is a big sign of a successful collection

My favourite piece in this collection is the long black transparent coat with golden embroidery that Freja Beha Erichsen is wearing and the piece that close the shows.

I look forward of seeing Karl’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection big time this season!

söndag 2 januari 2011

17 stylists, Asia Beauty Expo - Dazed & Confused

Sources: Pictures and movie from Dazed & Confused

No words - just avant-garde, Nicola Formichetti (and 16 other stylists) and a bunch of inspiration. Happy New Year!