måndag 24 januari 2011

John Galliano Menswear FW 2011/2012

I love watching John Galliano's fashion shows because of the creativity he really puts into the clothes. He always tells a story (like many other fashion shows as well, but he somehow makes it better than others). It really don't depend if he's designing for men or females, it's always extremely, big and creative. I don't know if it's because of Galliano's craziness or something else, but I enjoy watching it and taking in every single detail he puts on.

Galliano's menswear really looks like a fall/winter collection. There is this Russian man with very warm clothing who is emigrating from Russia. He's taking all he owns with him in big trunks. He is wearing enourmous big fur hats, massive coats to survive the russian cold winter, with socks and boots. This man looks cheap and poor, but he is extremely concious about what he is wearing, he is the Russian dandy. Every detail is carefully organized, he is fashionable and has a strong personality.

During his emigration (he is emigrating to warmer countries) he becames more sofisticated and androgynous with his hair growing and cut like a maleversion of Anna Wintours bob (ofc little bit shorter) and with structured and unstructured coats. Not only does he wear slimfit pantsuits, but he also wears feminine scarfs in different colors. This man emigrates more and more to warmer latitudes where his clothing is becoming more and more naked. He now travels with tightly body stockings with a lot of layering such as leg warmers and leggings. You can see on his chest that even thought he's poorly dressed, he is sweating.

The last part of his emigration, he's is walking in the rich countries of the middle east, where he's turning into some bohemic man with a lot of gold, bright colors such as purple and orange and he's also wearing turbans in various colors. The winered velvet jacket with the wide belt is one of my favourite piece in his collection. This man has made an impressive migration. He began his emigration like a Russian man and ended up looking like Aladin.

Do I have to say that I admire John Galliano's piece of work - I don't think so. I love his design, his creative mind and he as a person. It's obviously that some of these pieces will not work in the daily life, but in the end, it's always about telling a story and be so creative you can be. It's called the art of clothes. Clothes expresses more than just material, shape and color. It expresses a person with a story to tell. That's why I love provocative and creative designer's such as Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, John Galliano, etc etc. It's fashion baby, whether you like it or not.

John Galliano - FW 2011/2012 - Menswear PFW

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