söndag 30 januari 2011

Stockholm Fashion Week

Stockholm Fashion Week starts tomorrow and I'm so excited. There are a lot of Swedish and Scandinavien brands, such as Whyred, Boomerang, Ida Sjöstedt, DAGMAR and Filippa K, showing their AW 2011 collection during these three days in Stockholm and it's such an opportunity for them to show up at fashionweek.

Personally I love Swedish brands for their minimalistic and sort of elegant style. It's not a lot of detailing like Milan and Paris but still it's trendy. Perhaps it can sometimes become boring. A lot of Swedish people are aware of what they put on and how they dress, I almost think Swedish people are one of the best dressed people around the world.

However, SFW is coming up and it's my duty to inform you guys about what's happening in the fashion world here in Sweden. We're starting up with Ida Sjöstedt tomorrow morning.

See you soon!

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