söndag 16 januari 2011

Burberry Prorsum Menswear FW 2011/2012

Burberry Prorsum Menswear FW 2011/2012 - MilanFashionWeek

It's already fashionmonths, and it's insane how fast it goes, it's like MilanFashionWeek Menswear DAY TWO already!

Well well well, Christopher Bailey is still growing in my eyes. Bailey showed his Burberry Prorsum menswear collection during day one in Milan (yesterday) and we can thank god that no one of the models fell during the show ... but yeah right, they were wearing flats all of them this time.

What's Burberry Prorsum menswear FW 2011/2012 all about? For me it was about colorblocking, especially when I think of the duffle coats, peacoats and the jackets that were shown yesterday. The models came down the runway wearing red, navy green, navy blue, just ordinary blue and orange coats. There was duffle coats, peacoats, double breasted coats, coats with caps ... some of them were body-shaped and the others were not shaped at all ... but all of them had very simple silhouettes.

However, the show went on and the models showed some hideous coats made of plastic (read: garbage) material. I was like, ok the show started good and then this came? What the hell Bailey? What went wrong? Ok, lets face it, the coats were awful ... but there was just two of them, so it was ok. Then the models came down the runway wearing base-colored coats, some of them were detailed with fur and some of the them with leather. Some had both these details in it and I really loved these coats. They were beautifully cut and detailed. There was a black peacoat with black leather details on the top of the coat, OMG, I want that coat so badly I could almost jump into my screen and steal it from the runway.

After like 8 minutes of coats - bags - trousers - shoes, you want to see more of what to wear on the top, under the coat. That was something disappointing about the collection. Christopher Bailey had designed a lot of coats, bags (some of them looked the same), trousers (very ordinary thought) and shoes, but forgotten to show some topwear. But finally, after 8 minutes of waiting one knitted sweater with fur details came down the runway and then again duffles and peacoats in beige and black detailed with dalmatian look-a-like fur.

I was not into the shoes so much, but the bags, I really loved the brown leather, kind of vintage, bags. It would suit me perfectly. So, Bailey, if you read this, send me one please!

Burberry Prorsum are always over the top, it's livestreamed, a lot of well-known faces and icons. Of course Christopher Bailey wants a grand finale. That was one the most amazing ends I have seen. The models came down the runway in their latest outfits wearing a raincoat over it and then ... the rain started to pour down the runway ... it was amazing ... and I really enjoyed it.

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  1. can't wait to see the other shows! totally love stockholm! i will be visiting this august. hope to run into you in one of the shows!!!