söndag 26 september 2010

Rodarte SS11

I really love Rodarte, but unfortunately the SS11 collection disappointed me a lot! You know guys that I love when designers want to create something abnormal, something provocatative. Kate and Laura are always provocative in their collections, but you know, you don't want to look like a wooden panel, even if you want to be provocative.

Kate and Laura has taken their inspiration from the natural landscape of North California. Their color pallet is based on the natural landscape of North California. It is a lot of brown, white, black, yellow, blue, grey, gold and some shade of light khaki. I really adore the color pallet because of its contents of base colors.

If I describe the collection with six words, it would be 50% crap and 50% hotness! I mean who wants to look like a wooden floor panel? Tell me! It's like, "Hi, can you please walk on me?". And what I thought was really urrrgggghhh *ERROR*, were those two split dresses/top and skirt(?) with the wooden panel prints in dark brown. What were they thinking of? Please, no one, and now I mean exactly no one would wear that erhm what its really called.

On the other hand, the collection contained a lot of hot dresses with some kind of bohemian style. The draping is my favourite when it comes to Rodarte. I love how they drape the fabrics so it looks fabulous and almost like an Ancient Greek. The printing is flawless with some kind of blue porcelain prints. It makes the whole look like an expensive porcelain doll.

The shoes are to die for ... seriously! Especially the wedges! Love the massive wood and the flower prints. The shoes were definitely the highlight of the show!

The last three pieces are sent from above. That is pure, really pure love!

Fashion is all about inspiration, dreams, love and fantasy. But at the same time its all about what you would wear and not. You have to step forward and criticize what you don't like. You have to make a statement, give your opinoins. Bad or good, it doesn't matter! Just make your voice heard!

Rodarte SS11

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  1. That is fashion in a nutshell. Nice pictures of the collections and cute blog you have here. Come by mine when you have time.