onsdag 15 september 2010

Marc Jacob SS 2011

(Source: Vogue.com)

I wish
that I someday meet Marcie and tell him how good and creative he is. I wish that I someday sit front-row at his shows while breathing in all creativity he puts in the collection. I wish that I someday can (this will probably never happen) critize his collection.

In a book, called Fashion-ology: An Introduction to Fashion Studies by Yuniya Kawamura, that I'm reading right now, I read that "now is nostalgia" and that quotation hit me when I saw Marcies SS 2011 collection. We're almost back in the seventies with a lot of colors - something who's very odd when it comes to Marcie.

As you can see, Marc is influenced by the seventies fashion and trends, with long dresses, hats, big sunglasses, big hair, and heavy make-up, cool prints and big fabric flowers as accessories. What I really love is that there is a that he has created a collection with all kind of clothes, there is dresses, jumpsuits, trenchcoats, coats, hats, pants, jackets, shorts, bikini, shortdresses, tops, skirts etc, and I love that. There are plenty of things to choose from the collection.

He has used a lot chiffong in this collection, alomst every single dress in that collection is made of chffong. But it's not odd to use chiffong on dresses when you want them to move perfectly.

His jumpsuits in this collection are to die for. It's pure love and my favorite one is the draped on with two pockets in pink. It's crazineess how beautiful it really is, and the fit is flawless!

But I most admit to you guys that my absolute favorite creation from this collection is the big pink trenchcoat with big flounces on the top of it that the model Hannah Holman is wearing. That's art for me, and I can sit and stare on it without getting bored. I can sit and analyze it until there's nothing to analyze anymore.

Marc Jacob SS 2011

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