måndag 13 september 2010

I'm born this way

In a dress by the beloved Alexander McQueen on the white carpet. The shoes is from McQueen as well, but from the SS2010 collection.
In a meat dress by Franc Fernandez, this dress started a lot of debates around the world.
Isn't she gorgeous? Beautiful? That's more of statements and not questions! She's good, really good and that's why I love this fu**ing woman! I love her because of her music, her personality, her Alejandro, her opinions, her avant-gardish style, her Alexander McQueen dresses and shoes, her insanity, etc...

Yesterdays VMAs was crazzzyyy as hell ... GaGa, Ms GaGa won 8 prices out of 13 nominations.
She won the price for:

-Video of the Year - "Bad Romance"
-Best Pop Video - "Bad Romance"
-Best Female Video - "Bad Romance"
-Best Collaboration - "Telephone" feat. Beyonce
-Best Dance Video - "Bad Romance"
-Best Choreography - "Bad Romance"
-Best Direction - "Bad Romance"
-Best Editing - "Bad Romance"

Gaga announced the title of her new album, and it's called "Born this way" which is a great title for Gaga because of her personality, her gaysupport and her opinions about being yourself no matter what.

She also appeared at Ellen Degeneres show after the VMAs dressed in the meat dress again talking about her work, the meatdress and the new cause that Lady Gaga is fighting for ... to break the injustice in the military. Gaypeople have no rights to be in the military because of their sexuality in America, and that's what Gaga is fighting for right now. She believes in equality and justice! What a woman ha? Yeah, I've meet her!

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  1. Jag är inte helt hundra men jag tror att jag satt bredvid dig på tunnelbanan idag?

  2. Ja :) Ok, jag var bara på tunnelbanan i två stationer, gick av vid Östermalmstorg. Du satt och pratade med en tjejkompis som satt mitt emot?