måndag 16 augusti 2010

Nakkna SS2011

Ok guys, you know what? I had a great day today, and I swear that tomorrow will be better. I'm soo tired that I want to go too sleep, but I have to write about todays fashionshows.

I don't think that I'm the only one who got really bad photos from this show. Not because of the camera, it was because of the fake fog they used. You even couldn't see the first three pieces of the collection, but I'm gonna stop complain now because I loved what I saw on the runway. As I wrote in the other post, they used a dark color pallet with the basic colors. You saw a lot of grey, different shades of blue, beige, black and white. It was a very wide collection, and with wide I mean that you could see a lot of wearable clothes as pants, short/long/cocktail dresses, hoodies, t-shirts, blazeers, capes and shirts. But in the end I was really touched by the longdresses from Nakkna. They were, and I swear I don't lie to you guys, gorgeousbeautifulprettyhotfierce, whatever you want to call it. The whole collection was very beautifully made and not only with its colors and prints, the shapes were great!

Btw, you know what I think about the models? First of all, the major, the greatest, the biggest and the most important think on the runway is the walk, and if a model can't walk, she/he shouldn't do catwalks and be runway models at all. There was this little poor girl who walked for two shows, and she barely could walk. When she came out, I was shocked at first and then embarresed and then I started too feel sorry for this girl. Everybode were looking, and some even started to laugh because of her dummyflummy walk. She walked for both Nakkna and Camilla Norrback. Why does a designer pick that kind of runway model? Pleaaasee tell mee!

Here is some pics from the show, remember the fog killed my photoskillz;

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  1. Du fattar inte hur avundsjuk jag ääääär!

    puss, Martina A.