fredag 27 augusti 2010

Daoud goes bananas because of Rachel Zoe

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but I've been very busy with work and some meetings with the counselor at Stockholm University. Now I'm back on track ... again ..., and I'm gonna update you guys all the time. Even when I go to the toilet ... that's a big nono in the fashion industry!

Anyway, I attended a wedding today, and listen, when it comes to assyrian people, you get invited to someones wedding you even don't know, you can all guess if I knew the couple who got married today ... the answer is ofcourse no!

But I love weddings, because of the dance, the great food and the great drinks and it's all for free! I also love to see the big fashion nonos and the big fashion yesyes! Gorgeous dresses and the less gorgeous dresses. Less is definitely more, but some girls or should I say women don't understand that and they end up looking like trashy chics*.

My outfit of the day was this, a classic black suit with a white and black striped shirt and a small black tie. I didn't want to push it all the way, because of the assyrian people. A lot of crap comes out of their mouth, sorry people, but that's the truth, isn't it?

Another thing, I'll bet you know Rachel Zoe! The celebrity stylist? The fashionista? The girl with a gorgeous wardrobe? I fell in love with her this week. I've known her since 2008, not personally, but through the television ... "The Rachel Zoe Project". Err ... but I like watched her realityshow for real this week, and she is so bananasfucking crazyy and I love her. I admire her for her work, her ambition and her sense of style. I admire her for her easy-to-love personality and her cute little face. I admire her for being a working hard woman and the shopaholic she is. If you've not watched the show yet, watch it! That's an order from me!

The gorgeous beauty - Rachel Zoe
* H***

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  1. Tack, desamma för den delen :) Ok, jag gjorde faktiskt också de, och fick gå på flera visningar :) Härligt att dom även låter modebloggare få gå tycker jag.