måndag 16 augusti 2010

Le Fashionisto is back on track!

I love my MacBook, I can take it with me wherever I go. For an example, I'm now sitting on the train on my way to Ida Sjöstedts fashionshow and at the same time I'm updating my gorgeous blog! That's waaay cooler than sitting at home (if you're home) and updating.

I hope to see a very beautiful collection from Ida Sjöstedt, I barely can wait f
or the show to start.

Btw, the hairdresser didn't kill me, it was ok, for thiis time to come late and I have a very nice haircut right now. Before, at the Nakkna show, I looked as a homeless guy or something, now I look gorgeous as the fashionisto I should be.

Gonna update you guys later, after the show.

Btw #2, I met Bryanboy and Susie!

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  1. lovely blog! I enjoy riding it! put more pictures with you!