fredag 18 februari 2011

Mara Hoffman FW 2011

Mara Hoffman, such an amazin designer. What should I call her, print-master, knitting guru or just a plaitwoman? I don't know actually. In New York this season she put on an exhibition to show her collection for FW 2011. I loved it.

She used a beautiful color-palette for FW and such amazing patterns. She said to Erin Jeen, that she was inspired by the desert and you could actually breathe in the desert feeling of the collection. All was set so beautifully with the styling, the african inspired jewelleries and the maxi dresses. The prints made me going crazy about the collection. It felt so bohemic-chic when I saw the dresses, the trousers, the oversized maxi dresses, the jewellery.

She also had plaiting details on the dresses, which you could see was beautifully made. You could also recognize some neon-colors, really oversized maxi dresses perfect for a sunny day when you just want to wear something comfortable and practical.
The FW factor was not there, but if I am realistic, she got the inspiration from the desert where it's hot 365 days a year. However she had some amazing, more for the coldness, rough knittings in the collection for FW 2011.
For me to see this collection, I was blown away directly. Loved everything that had with collection to do.

To look at more photos, just click you in at Erin Jeens page.
- Daoud. B

Mara Hoffman FW 2011 - NYFW

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