fredag 18 februari 2011

Luca Luca FW 2011

To be honest, I'm really new to small fashion labels. I cannot exactly about every fashion label around world, and to say the least in New York. A lot of brands are new to me, but I love making research about them, taking in more information about then and get to know them more, because that's what fashion is about. It's about to know your fashion history, to know the labels, to know the designers, etc. But you're not screwed if you don't know, just do some research and you're done.

I didn't know about Luca Luca until today, but I did some research and found that the designer behind Luca Luca is Luca Orlandi and what I saw today from his collection was amazing.
For FW 2011, he's doing color-blocking with colors such as orange, olive, red and a dark shadow of pink. He's also doing chiffon, and oh how I love chiffon dresses. I don't know why, but I'm in love with the flowiness of the material. It flows in a perfect way, but still its chic and beautiful. But Luca is not just for chiffon, he's doing other material as well, such as lace, lacquer and fur.

Even if he's doing color-blocking, there are a lot of grey and black in his collection, and I love that grey knee-lenght fur that came down the runway in the beginning. What I also loved was the pleating he had done on the knee-lenght flannel skirts in white and grey. He also did beautiful pattern in some of his dresses.

However, in some looks I can see Chanel, for one example is that silver jacket with a high collar that has this amazing embroidery on the collar, shoulders and in the front from top of the jacket down to the knees. It's an amazing piece, but Chanel, hey!?

Overall, it looked expensive (and that is the key word when it comes to Luca Luca), chic, beautiful and very feminine. One thing about me is that I love black and dark colors and when I see that they put colors on the runway for FW 2011, I really love it. It's like a light in the dark fall/winter-depression season.
- Daoud. B

For more pictures, visit

Luca Luca FW 2011 - NYFW

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