fredag 17 december 2010

French Vogue Editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld resigns!

Me and Carine Roitfeld in Paris after Celiné FW 2010/2011 show. She's such a great person with a warm personality!

Carine Roitfeld with her daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

I had a perfect time yesterday with some friends at some bar in city with beer and perfect music. Today when I woke up (or you can say that I forced myself to wake up), I read on twitter that THE wonderful Carine Roitfeld resigns at French Vogue!

Carine Roitfeld
became Editor-in-chief for French Vogue 2001, so after ten years of holding that position, she resigns. It's a terrible news and I'm sure that it came as a chock for the whole fashion industry ... but you know what ... Carine has done her best job at French Vogue ... and I appreciate that. She's amazing and I'm sure that this is'nt the end for her, she'll become something bigger (if it's possible, which I think it is!).

The big question mark is, who's next? Who will take over Carine Roitfeld as Editor-in-chief for French Vogue? It better be a good one, otherwise I won't read (I cannot read french, but I'm reading the pics instead!) the magazine!

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