fredag 30 juli 2010

Front Row - Anna Wintour

I love to read, wether it is a fashion magazine or a book. Currently I am reading a book written by the best selling author of "Just Desserts", Jerry Oppenheimer. Front Row is a book about the gorgeous chic editor-in-chief of American Vouge, Anna Wintour, the most powerful force in the fashion industry. There is something with her I just can't let it go. She is just so amazing, and has an interesting history. When I first saw the documentary movie about American Vouge and Anna Wintour,"The September Issue", I was speechless. Sure, she is a little bit cold sometimes, but when she was gaggling about how she got the job at Vouge and her background, she became a soft person. Enough talking about Anna now, it sounds like I am a desperate person, so it's better for me too leave blogspot, haha.

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